From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi. Last week we had an interesting and productive Public Property Committee and Council meeting. I will start with the Public Property Meeting. Elizabeth Timmins gave the committee an update on the summer programs being offered this year. I will try and follow up on that next week. Bill Collar was not able to be present due to a previous engagement. He did however present us with a brochure on the exhibit which was present last weekend over Memorial Day. It was on loan from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and open to the public Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28 and Thursdays through Sunday; in June, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. I hope you get a chance to see it.
Relocating the nutrition site at City Hall was brought before the committee. If Outagamie County desires to relocate there the committee and council were okay with both the Nutrition Site and Meals on Wheels locating in the lower level of City Hall. As I told you before federal monies were used to put the elevator in City Hall and this is a federal program. I called Bonne Planner this morning but she will be gone until June 5. Like I said before, we will see where it goes.
The committee then had a lengthy discussion on putting in the heating and cooling system throughout City Hall. They are all in agreement that this needs to be done but before they can decide on the different options that were offered, they and the council are going to have to make a decision on what they intend to do with the area that was the fire department and now stands empty, and has ever since they built the new station. They are going to have to make a commitment as to what the final use will be, because how they put in the heating and air-conditioning will depend on that. There will have to be additional meetings by the Public Property committee as the time frame is short to make that decision. We will have to start on this during the late summer or early fall when you do not need air or heat to be operational. As you know the electrical relating to these projects was accomplished last week. There was a little discussion on moving the police department to that area but was tabled until the Committee has some figures on exactly what they want to see located in that area. There are a few directions they can go.
Council met following Public Properties and unanimously passed Resolution RE2017-129 approving the purchase of a 2004 American LaFrance 100’ Tower Aerial Truck for the Fire Department. They also unanimously passed Resolution RE2017-131 approving updating the HVAC at the Municipal Building. The resolution reads this way “The City Council approves updating the HVAC at the municipal building having Foremen Heating & Ventilating Inc. do the work at a cost of $162,000.00 including page 1 and option 1, of the quote, with the money (for now) coming out of the fund balance. Option 2 (which is air-conditioning in the basement which has never been needed) will not be utilized and options 3, 4, & 5 will be discussed and reviewed at a later date. Those options are the ones that will depend on what the committee and council decide to do with the empty area that was previously the fire department.

Mayor Judy Schuette