From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi…Well let’s see what I can bring you up to date on. The last storm that went through the city made a mess of things as you probably have seen. Last Thursday, Timber Creek had a crane remove the tree from off of the Gustman apartment building’s roof, and I believe take the tree down. While Timber Creek was in town the tree limb that came down on Express Printing was also removed. I want to thank Timber Creek for a couple of things they did for the city “just because someone needed help.” Currently how much damage has been done to those buildings is unknown but will catch you up next week.
John Schoen, who is filling in for Mike Pepin while he is on vacation, approached me and asked if we could keep the landfill open, after the storm, until dusk on Friday and Saturday to help out the folks that were hauling brush from the storm. We did that and also kept the landfill open on Sunday without supervision. I cannot tell you how many people took advantage of that and the city is really appreciative. We do send the crews out the day after a storm but not everyone can get their brush to the road in time for pickup. I will bring this to the attention of Streets and Sanitation for a review of when the landfill is open especially after a storm.
Council met on July 10 and outside of two resolutions, one for payment of bills and the other for bartender’s licenses, there is nothing to report.
Finance Committee met prior to Council and the one agenda item that had discussion was on our current Audit Services. We have another firm that is well known approach the city and wanted to make a presentation. The Finance Committee felt it was to our benefit to listen to them and make some comparisons. This will be done at the next Finance Committee meeting. That was it for Finance.
Courts and Public Safety Committee met last Wednesday night. There was a lot of discussion on putting an ordinance in place requiring structures to have a key lock box installed on the exterior of the structure for fire and EMS safety purposes. This would only apply to certain types of buildings. Chief Buntrock had put the ordinance together for discussion and only a few suggestions were made. It will be looked at again at the next meeting and passed onto Council.
Chief Buntrock also presented an ordinance creating Chapter 349, section 11, of the City of Seymour Municipal Code prohibiting “sexting.” It was moved to have it presented at the next Council Meeting.
That’s about it for now will talk to you again next week.
Mayor Judy Schuette