From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi… Well the Planning Commission met on Wednesday, July 19 at 12:30 p.m. to look at granting a special exception. The property is located just to the south of Dr. Zak’s dental office. The building has been standing vacant for quite a while and was purchased a short time ago. The home is out of compliance at this time and the owner wanted to be able to convert it to a duplex. The commission granted the special exception to allow him to convert it to a duplex. The other order of business was changing the zoning and zoning map for land on Trailside Terrace. The property is located on the East end of Trailside Terrace and currently zoned multi housing. The portion of land that is adjacent to Trailside Terrace was rezoned to two family residential and an ordinance is to be put before the Council tonight.
The Streets & Sanitation Committee met Wednesday the 19th at 5:00 p.m. They discussed the culvert at Recknagel Park that drains into the ditch which runs through the park and is located to the north of the little crossover bridge. They will be discussing at a later date as to whether there should be work done on that culvert and the cost associated with that. The next discussion was the installation of sidewalk on Highway 54 from Main Street to Orchard Dr. There was one business owner present that objected to the sidewalk. After quite a bit of discussion the committee felt it was in the best interest of the city to move ahead with that project. It would be difficult for me to explain in my article all the benefits that the city receives by the installation of the sidewalk in the TIF district. I know for quite a few years, people have asked me when the city was going to install sidewalks on Highway 54 so this is not something that just came up, however if we are going to do it now is the time. The Council will be discussing this tonight so if you are interested please attend the Council meeting.
Fair Week is this week so I hope you all enjoy your time down there, also, that we have good weather.
Mayor Judy Schuette