From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi. Well I told you last week I would catch you up on the ball diamond lights at Rock Ledge Park. A gentleman from the SAA Association was present at the last Public Property meeting to update the committee on what was happening with that situation. He stated that at this time they are only interested in pursuing lights on the hardball diamond at Rock Ledge and would like to partner with the city, school and SAA in trying to obtain enough monies to make that happen. The cost would be about $230,000 with about $40,000 to $50,000 coming from donations, this would leave approximately $180,000. I think the main thing they would like to know is would the city be willing to participate in the project and to what amount. One of the aldermen asked if the school and townships would help financially to some point with this project as the school does use this diamond as do the townships with their residents. If we all commit to an amount that we can live with than the SAA should be able to fundraise the rest, but it would be nice to let them know what their goal is going to be.
We had a Council meeting on September 11 following Finance Committee. Finance did not really have anything other than the usual financial reports and the payment of bills. Council really had nothing much to report other than moving Public Property back to the third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. We had changed that a while ago due to the fact that an alderman could not make that time due to his job. That has changed so we now can schedule it for when it should be. They will be meeting on September 20 at 6 p.m.
I’m sure a lot of you have been watching or are aware of the building next to Sissy’s being removed by the State. The State is now putting in the new box culvert. I let you know a while ago that the State will turn the property over to the city but it must be green space, as the new culvert runs underneath it, which is ok. I think Public Properties will move ahead with making a nice little park area. Sissy’s will also benefit from that. I must say I have been talking with the manager of Sissy’s and she has had nothing but a positive attitude through this whole project, “what a gal.” Believe me it got a little hairy for her when the hi hoe tipped over but she came out of it ok. I’m sure the press has covered that event with the hi hoe so I won’t.
“Oh” just a quick note of which I have been asked to mention. You must restrain your dogs from going onto your neighbor’s property as we have had some complaints on this. Your dogs must be on a leash or under your control and on your property at all times unless you are walking them on a leash.
Mayor Judy Schuette