Seymour resident has been bowling for more than 7 decades

Alice Bluma has been bowling since she was 17 and recently turned 95. She said she enjoys bowling and the socializing that goes along with her weekly bowling. Pictured (left to right): Jim Beilfuss, owner of Wally’s Seymour Bowl, Alice Bluma and Joe Bluma (Alice’s son). – Photos by Linda Titel
Alice Bluma, 95, Seymour, enjoys her weekly bowling at Wally’s.

By Sara Tischauser

One Seymour resident just celebrated her 95th birthday and she is happy to still be bowling every week.
Alice Bluma, Seymour resident, turned 95 on June 24 and continues to bowl every week.
She said she started bowling when she was 17 years old and bowled every year since then except possibly when she was pregnant.
When Bluma first started bowling in Seymour she bowled at a three lane bowling alley behind the hotel. Now she continues to bowl every week at Wally’s Seymour Bowl. She said she continues to bowl because she enjoys it.
“It’s the socializing as much as the bowling,” Bluma said about why she continues to bowl. “I have a lot of fun.”
Bluma said she still has over a 100 average when she bowls but the score has never been that important to her.
“When I go bowling I don’t worry about the score,” Bluma said. “I just worry about staying upright.”
Staying active, Bluma said is what keeps her going.
“When I’m up and about I’m much better,” Bluma said. “I don’t want too much recliner time.”
Sometimes Bluma said it is hard to believe she is 95 years old because she feels more like 59. She said she has had a good life and had 12 children who were all born perfect and healthy. She also has 28 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and two great, great grandchildren.
Bluma said she will continue to bowl as long as she can because bowling is something she enjoys.